Propper Starter - 4 Count

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Propper Starter - 4 Count

Propper Starter is a a 4 pack of 16 oz. cans of condensed wort that is perfect for making yeast starters. Yeast starters increase both the biomass and vitality of your yeast, ensuring your fermentation goes smoothly and your batch turns out tasting great. Propper Starter Condensed Wort Cans are great for giving your yeast a "Propper" start, whether bring a lager, a high gravity brew, a yeast pack nearing expiration or just whenever a yeast started is needed. Quickly and easily prepare the yeast for your next batch of beer, cider or mead without waiting for water to boil and cool, or dealing with messy DME. The cans could not be easier to use. Simply mix one 16 oz. can of condensed wort and 16 oz. of bottled, distilled or boiled & chilled water to create your starter solution, add to a sanitized 2 L flask, pitch your yeast and add to a stir plate for at least 24 hours. Each 16 oz. can of Propper Starter makes one 1 L starter.

Check out the Propper Starter FAQ for anymore question!

Want to make a Yeast Starter? Home brewers are always led to believe making a yeast starter is for the advanced brewer. This could not be further from the truth. If anything beginning brewers should start with yeast starters. When you think about it they are nothing more than a small extract brew. Show Me How To Make A Yeast Starter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Time saver!

I always was afraid of starters and I did my first starter with these for a lager I wanted to brew. What an easy process it is.. In about 15min I clean sanitize everything and have the starter done in the flask.

William Brecheisen

Speed, quality and ease. Perfect solution for bust brewers.

Karl M
Great product

Iíve been using this stuff for about the last 16-20 brews. Works great, no hassle of making the starter and yeast are happy.

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