Corn Sugar 5 oz - Priming Sugar (Dextrose)

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Corn Sugar 5 oz - Priming Sugar (Dextrose)

This 5 oz package of corn sugar is a catch-all for properly carbonating most 5 gallon batches of home-brewed beer. Dissolve in water before adding to your bottling bucket.

Instructions for How to Use Priming Sugar to Carbonate Beer (5-gallon batch):
  • Step 1: Add 3/4 cup (5 oz) of priming sugar to 1 cup of water in a small sanitized pot and bring to a boil.
  • Step 2: Boil sugar solution for 2 minutes.
  • Step 3: Remove pot from the burner and allow the sugar solution to cool to approximately room temperature.
  • Step 4: Pour the cooled priming sugar solution into your bottling bucket and siphon the beer on top of the solution. When siphoning is complete, gently stir the beer with a sanitized spoon. If you feel your batch of beer will be less than 5 gallons and you don't know the exact amount, then siphon the beer into your bottling bucket first, then prepare the priming sugar solution based on the calculation further below, then slowly add the cooled sugar solution to the bucket and gently stir to thoroughly mix the solution with the beer.
Tips for carbonating home-brewed beer with priming sugar:
  • If you have less or more than 5 gallons of beer to carbonate, use this calculation to determine how much priming sugar to use: (5 oz)*(quantity of beer in gallons)/(5 gallons). Example: (5 oz)*(4 gal)/(5 gal) = 4 oz
  • If you prefer less carbonation in your beer, try using 3.7 oz of priming sugar per 5 gallons of beer instead of the standard 5 oz. If you don't have exactly 5 gallons of beer, you can use a similar calculation as above: (3.7 oz)*(quantity of beer in gallons)/(5 gallons). Example: (3.7 oz)*(4 gal)/(5 gal) = 2.96 oz
  • After boiling the priming sugar solution, you can quickly cool the small pot in a sink filled with about an inch of cold water.
First time bottling beer? Check out our simple instructions for how to bottle beer at home.

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Rodrigo Shopis

Good service ; no problems

Gerry Weinert
Order feedback

The auto siphon made bottling so much easier. Also the customer service when making this order was awesome. I had been to the Ann Arbor store a couple times, but this was the first online order and there was a glitch which is why I had to call my order in. The glitch was resolved, I got all of my items ordered & even the discount was applied even though it expired the day before when my online order would of been placed.

William Gately
As expected

The priming sugar was free flowing and free of foreign contaminates. It massed out to 5 oz (ò142 g) as expected.

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