Perlick 690SS Creamer Faucet SS

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Perlick 690SS Creamer Faucet Stainless Steel

The 690SS Forward Sealing Flow Control Faucet with Push-Back Creamer boasts a flow compensator which allows the pourer the precise amount of foam every time. The flow compensator enables more control. By adjusting the flow control handle, you can adjust the restriction for hard to pour brands. You can also adjust the flow control handle to slow the flow for smaller pours. Pouring sampler glasses, flights or growlers was never so easy! This faucet also allows you to reduce the amount of foam when pouring into a frosted glass.

Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve Johnson
Excellent faucet

Works great. Takes a little time to get used to the creamer function. Great upgrade from my old faucets. Would recommend it to anyone upgrading.

Allen Wright
Works Great

I purchased one as a trial and put it on my most problematic line. It works great and the creamer function is nice to build a proper head. Takes a bit of practice to get used to the dual function. The forward and rearward positions are pretty quick. Now I'm ready to order a couple more.

Jeff Dahlseid
A lot of faucet at a great price

I am still getting used to the features on this faucet, but it has the same great performance you'd expect for a Perlick, but with nice extra features. So far, I have played most with the flow control, which allows me some adjustment along with the CO2 pressure to get a good pour at a decent flow rate. I'm looking forward to seeing what the creamer feature can do.

Tim Davis
Great faucet

Great faucet. I have a 75 foot trunk line with beer pumps. The flow control helps keep the line pressure steady and foaming down, as these faucets are very fast flowing. I love the creamer function. Since changing to this faucet, I lose much less beer to waste. AIH had the best price I could find. Shipping was fast too.

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