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Mangrove Jack's Hard Cider Kit Pear

From the juiciest pears comes the best pear cider. This cider has a sweet mellow pear flavor which satisfies any thirst.

  • ABV Approx: 4.7%
  • Style: Sweet
  • Color: Clear Gold

Each of our cider varieties has been formulated with only the freshest and best quality fruit which is then pressed and concentrated using our state of the art evaporators, and then cold filled into a pouch. All this effort we go to ensures we preserve the natural flavor of the fruit, giving you cider which is fresh, crisp and especially good on a hot summer's day. If you don't like apples, just remember a cider a day also keeps the doctor away.

Instructions for this cider kit can be found here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Long time homebrewer, first time trying a cider kit. First, the instructions are secreted inside the pouch, but there is no indication of how to open the pouch to just get the instruction out without opening the liquid in the pouch. So you cut the top of the pouch open and the 'syrup' (or extract or whatever the liquid is) is exposed and the instructions are in a separate pouch within. Kind of a mess to get out. After that, following instructions, the resulting 6 gallons of "wort" was a brown color. I would have expected it to be light or nearly clear like pear juice is. I used 1/2 of the sweetener packet. SG: 1.046. After a week it was down to SG of 1.010 (abv: 4.73%) so I decided to bottle. I added the flavoring packet (small packet of clear liquid) and stirred. I also added 3/4 cup priming corn sugar. Bottled; yield was 32x22oz bottles. After a week in the bottle I tried one. Color was clear and about the color of an amber ale. It didn't taste bad but it also didn't taste like any pear I've ever eaten. It has a tart finish...I used half of the sweetener packet as I said. I suggest using the whole packet. It reminds me of a pear in the same way a Jolly Rancher strawberry candy reminds me of actual strawberries, which isn't much. It's still drinkable and enjoyable, it just doesn't resemble pear to me.

Mangrove Jacks Pear Cider

I bought one pouch to try out. I actually let it sit in primary fermenter for a week then racked to a secondary for another week, then bottled. A week after bottling, I tried it and it was pretty tasty but it seems if you let it set for a couple of weeks minimum the better it gets. Either way it is really good, especially cold on a hot summer day. I bought two more pouches since and actually added about 6 drops of Watermelon extract at bottling on the last batch and it was amazing.

Jeff Lange
Pear cider

My wife and I cracked one open one week after bottling... not bad! 2 days later we opened another... hey this is really good!! The instructions say it's better to wait 2+ weeks so in another week I may well give it all 5 stars.

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