Peach Flavoring (1 Dram)

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LorAnn's Super-Strength flavors can be used up to boost the flavor and aroma of your beer or wine. Use up to 1 Dram for 5-6 gallons of beer or wine.

We recommend adding the flavors to taste during secondary fermentation. However, the flavors can be added anytime during primary fermentation, kegging or bottling.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Rockel
Use as needed

I used this flavor (and others) to make wine coolers for my wife. Rather than flavor 5 gallons all at once, I started with 24 oz of wine base and lemon/lime soda. I then started adding the oil a few drops at a time, tasting along the way. When I got the taste she wanted, I scaled it up. She enjoyed it a lot. I think I would agree with the other review that 1 bottle would better serve 2.5 gallon. All depends on your tastes.

Bill Scheskie

I added a dram to 4.5 gallons of cider expecting a subtle aroma and a hint of peach and got nothing. Not aroma or flavor. Tried a different flavor in a seltzer water with a similar result.

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