Pale LME Liquid Malt Extract Syrup - 3 lb

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Pale LME Liquid Malt Extract Syrup 3 Lb

Our Pale extract has a lovibond rating of approximately 1.25 (2.5 EBC).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steven Dumican
Bring back the bags

Not crazy about the plastic bottles. Bags were great.

Wayne Smith (wizararola)
Pale LME Liquid Malt Extract Syrup "Pouch"

Nice idea is that the pouch it is more economical and takes somewhat less space and likey keeps the expenses from being passed on to the consumer. Personally I find it more difficult to use. I hate to waste anything when making beer and "rinse" out the container to extract as much as possible. The pouch is much less easier to use which I seem to drip all over no matter how careful I try to be. So not a fan of the new packaging though I see no particular alternative and I do like using this method as opposed to an all grain recipe. Hence, I'll live with it...


Richard Scott
Extract Brewing

I've made award wining beers with extract. Kits are easy to brew. The ability to choose ingredients lets me customize recipes and round out closet cleaners. Who sent me these wacky hops anyway?

Andy Wiltzius
Quality and value

A clean crisp LME, does the trick when I want to concoct my own recipes.

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