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This Regulator is for the disposable style of Oxygen Tanks found at places like Home Depot.

What's the deal with Oxygen?

Before using, boil the diffusion stone for 15 minutes to sanitize. Connect one end of the plastic hose (5' beer line) to the stone and the other end to the regulator attached to the tank. Just prior to pitching your yeast, lower the stone into the cooled wort and open the valve for approximately 15 seconds then shut it off. After the foam settles, repeat the procedure. Remove the stone and pitch your yeast as usual. That's all there is to it.

See how easy it is to introduce oxygen to your wort?

By using an oxygen diffusion system, your fermentation will finish faster and end with a lower final specific gravity because the yeast will have the energy needed to ferment all of the available sugars. Oxygen is life to your yeast!

In the fermentation vessel, oxygen energizes the yeast to quickly and efficiently consume the wort sugars, preventing a slow and sluggish fermentation.

Most home brewers oxygenate their wort by shaking and letting the air (only 21% oxygen) in the head space absorb into solution. The oxygen deprived yeast may start fine but may fail to develop the energy needed to complete a healthy ferment. The most notable result is a sweet and heavy taste to the beer due to slow, sluggish fermentation and a high finishing gravity. Instead of the 1.008 to 1.012 final gravity possible with the Oxygenation (typical of lighter beers), a final gravity greater than 1.015 is not uncommon with air only.

The O2 regulator has a control knob where you can adjust outlet pressure between 1/32 and 4 liters per minute.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Erik Hansen
Just one flaw

Overall, this is a great way to get into oxygenating your wort with pure O2. My only complaint is that the hose clamps used apparently aren't stainless steel, because mine are starting to corrode already after 3 uses. You can always remove the standard clamps and use your own stainless ones.

Shae Pelkowski
Excellent Product, possible upgrade needed

The oxygen kit is very nice and certainly have noticed a large difference in combination with the stir plate yeast starters. Fermentation is quick and vigorous. The regulator is very nice and heavy. The stone is the SS 0.5 micron and its very nice as well. Only possible improvement could be using a wand instead of gobs of tubing. Might make it easier to navigate inside of the fermenter. Otherwise an excellent product!

James C.
Made a Huge Difference

The Oxynator system seemed to work great. The canister from Home Depot fit perfectly, and the diffuser stone worked like a charm. My brew was pumping out CO2 within 12 hours and I had a great krausen in under 48 hours, both of which were the best empirical success I''ve had so far. The brew (extract Citra IPA) is currently bottle conditioning, so the final word will be in next week. Update: I''m happy to report it''s the best beer I''ve brewed yet. Oxygen made a huge difference in terms of primary fermentation and bottle conditioning. The system makes for much better beer. I''m psyched.

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