New Cornelius Keg Lid with New pressure relief valve (lid o-ring included)

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New Cornelius Keg Lid with New pressure relief valve (lid o-ring included)

Perfect option to add a manual PRV to a Pin Lock keg, or replace an old lid at a great price!

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Customer Reviews

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Replacement lids for ball lock kegs

My 20 year old keg lid relief valves have all begun to leak and it has been easier to just use new lids rather than try and repair/replace the relief valves. The replacement corny keg lids from Adventures In Homebrewing fit and work well.


Overall these lids work well. I found when dry hopping that it was quicker and easier to have an extra lid so the hopper can be attached to a lid, and the lid on the keg removed and quickly add the other lid with hopper. I feel lessens the chance of O2 in the keg. I considered them economy due to the fact when I weld a tab on the underside these don't weld as nice as an original lid.

Kevin Eckstein
Seals at any pressure, great for keg conditioning

I got this lid around the same time I started keg conditioning to carbonate my beer. While my old lid couldn't hold a seal at 0psi and let the natural CO2 out, this new one has a tighter fit and stayed sealed without any help from external CO2.

Chuck Mills
Economical Replacement

I replaced the lids on some reconditioned corny kegs and these worked perfectly. Love the service and prices at AIH.

Daniel Arnswald
Perfect Replacement Item

Great for replacing the lid of the used Coca Cola kegs. But I should have bought the ones that have the hook tab for dry-hopping. However, McMaster-Carr has a plastic covered magnetic hook that serves the same purpose. Part # 13735A22.

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