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A popular blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that results in a smooth red wine, balancing a beautiful berry bouquet with full oaky character. Cabernet Sauvignon provides structure to the blend by offering its firm tannins and acidity to balance Merlot's lush soft fruity flavors.

Food Pairings:
Slow cooker pot roast, barbecued beef, or braised lamb shanks

Yield: 6 Gallons | Body: Full | Oak: Light | ABV: 12.9%

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Customer Reviews

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Good Quality Kit

I typically make wine from fresh or frozen grapes, but when I have a special need or project, I'll do a kit wine, and Master Vintner provides good quality, consistent kits. My only issue with this and many other kits is that the provided yeast is chosen more for fast fermentation rather than producing the best individual varietal characteristics. While the instructions might claim "Ready in 8-10 weeks," you'll be happier with it if you take your time.

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