Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer

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Make Better Beer!

Hand crafting beer is a fun and rewarding hobby. The first rule of making better beer is to keep everything that touches the beer clean and sanitized. The Mark II Keg Washer helps to accomplish this task in an easy, efficient, and effective manner.

Save Time, Labor, Space and have fun!

The most labor-intensive and time-consuming task in brewing is cleanup. The Mark II Keg Washer allows you have all your containers and hoses clean by the time your brewing task is done.

Many home brewers set aside containers ?to be cleaned later.? This discourages getting started on the next batch.

The Mark II Keg Washer should be the first piece of equipment you set up and the last thing you put away on brew day or when you transfer your beer from one container to then next.

When transferring beer from one container to the next, we first use the Mark II Keg Washer to sanitize the container that the beer will be transferred to. Then we clean the container that the beer was transferred from.

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Customer Reviews

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Rookie wine maker
Back saver for cleaning carboys!

Love it! Simple to assemble and use. I never let my carboys sit around dirty and so love that it does a great job and leaves them sparkly clean. It beats hauling them to the bath tub to clean! It perches nicely on top of my kitchen sink. I wish I had gotten this ingenious invention long ago!

Bought this, love it.

I hate cleaning carboys and kegs. That said this makes it easy and saves time. I’ve owned this for about a year now. I haven’t had any issues at all. I keg my beer, put the carboy washer in my slop sink and put the dirty carboy on it. A little oxy clean followed by a rinse and it’s good to go. I usually clean and sanitize any empty kegs at the same time. The pump is plenty strong and no scrubbing is necessary. You don’t need the sink to use this but it makes it easier.

Ivan DeWilde
Easy dirt devil

What can I say, this made it so easy to wash carboys, kegs, buckets. Put some PWB and let it spray for 20 minutes, followed by a few minutes with SaniClean (no foam) or StarStan to complete the job. I also use this in combination with a keg handle attachment and keg liquid out carbonation cap to clean my beer lines. So far this has made it an easy task.

William Tucker
It really works!

After using my homemade keg and carboy washer for three years, I finally bought Mark's Keg and Carboy Washer. It really works well, and is much more efficient than the one I made. Plus it is a much smaller footprint to stow away when not using it. Good design and good function. Thanks!

Robert K Johnson
Mark's Keg Washer

Works great saves a lot of time cleaning and sanitizing.

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