Malting Company of Ireland Stout Malt

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1.5-2°L. Hailing from Cork, Ireland, Malting Company of Ireland has made high-quality malts since 1858. MCI started as Beamish and Crawford floor maltings operation, and has since expanded into a cutting edge, high quality malting operation, blending heritage, quality, and character into a potent triumvirate.

Irish Stout Malt is characterized by plump, round kernels with very low protein and high extract. Low kilning temperatures mean a very pale wort with high enzyme levels. While usually used in Irish stouts, it is at home in any style calling for an English-type pale malt. This malt tendency to be very pale and very high in enzymes means it is well suited to adjunct-laden worts, such as the classic dry Irish stout grist.

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Robert Palmer
Base for Imperial Orange Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Have used as adjunct to bring flavour and color; like so much I'm rebuilding and beefing up a favorite. Creating wonderful sippers

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