Mad Brewer™ Deluxe Brew Lab Kit

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The Brix/Specific Gravity Refractometer allows for quick gravity readings during every step of the process; without the need for a full test jar sample.

The Checker 1 pH tester will help you make sure your mash pH is correct. Ensure a healthy fermentation from the yeast and the best flavors from your mash.

The Folding Digital Thermometer provides accurate readings for your brew day, while the digital pocket scale is ready for precise ingredient additions.

We’ve also included a supply of gypsum and calcium chloride to get you started with water treatment. Kit Includes:
  • Brix/Specific Gravity Refractometer
  • Checker 1 pH Tester
  • Digital Pocket Scale
  • Folding Digital Thermometer
  • 1 lb Gypsum
  • 1 lb Calcium Chloride

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