Lemonade Flavoring (1 Dram)

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LorAnn's Super-Strength flavors can be used up to boost the flavor and aroma of your beer or wine. Use up to 1 Dram for 5-6 gallons of beer or wine.

We recommend adding the flavors to taste during secondary fermentation. However, the flavors can be added anytime during primary fermentation, kegging or bottling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect Addition to a Light Ale

I have made a Spring "Shandy" each of the last 3 years. I brew a light ale and add one dram of LorAnn Lemonade Flavoring on bottling day. Turns out great every time. Just a hint of lemonade flavor.

William Laliberte
Not the expected flavor

I received the lemonade flavoring instead of the lemon oil when I purchased a shandy kit and opted to try it. Having tried both, you get a different flavor with the lemonade that almost made me think I had diacetyl contamination because it was more buttery. It's not a bad flavor, and I had several people tell me they loved it, but for a pure lemon flavor go with the other product.

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