Keg Lid Handle Cap

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Handle Cap

These are the small "Feet" or "Caps" that fit onto the "Legs" of the closure lid on a Cornelius keg.

These will vary in color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Micheal Platt
Thank you

For offering this little but very needed part. I no longer have buy an entire lid just for this one little part.

Michael Meza
Great fit

It's a great fit and just what I needed but I should've ordered extra.

Replace tip caps to help lid seal

With a drop of dish soap the tight fitting tip caps slipped onto the lid clamps. I had been chasing a CO2 leak for months. Replacing the oring didn't solve the leak but, replacing the caps did.

Dennis Stevens
Corney cap ends

I on the contrary found the holes in the cap too small for the used kegs that I had. This can be easily remedied by reaming out the hole till they fit better. This added thickness at the tip makes them tighten down the lid much better and make a good seal.

Leonard Pitts
Glad someone has these handle caps

I have 4 of the used 3 gallon kegs and 2 of them came missing these handle caps. No worries the kegs are great but it is much easier to get a good lid seal with these caps on than without any caps. The holes in the caps are slightly larger than the post but that is better than them being too small and hard to fit. A little glue and they work perfectly.

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