Keg Cleaning Draw Tube Brush (Nylon 1/4" x 36")

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Bristle brush for cleaning soda/beer draw tube & hose.
Keg cleaning draw tube brush (hose brush)

This nylon bristle brush is 1/4" diameter with a flexible 36" long handle. Used to clean the soda/beer draw tube on your corny keg.

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Customer Reviews

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Douglas Rhodes
Should've bought this years ago

I should have bought one of these years ago. Now I can completely clean the draw tube in my kegs. I've only briefly used this brush, but it seems to be well made.

What Was I Thinking!?

OMG - I can't believe I kegged for over a year without one of these brushes! I held back a gag when I saw all the gunk this brush cleaned out of the tube and I had only reused the keg several times. I'll definitely be cleaning before every use now!

Brush works well to clean 6 foot tubing

The brush works well to clean tubing up to 6 feet. 3 foot from one side and 3 foot from the other. However, I wish I would have bought the 3/8" version. Perhaps with my next order.

Long and flexible enough....BUT

It is long and flexible enough to clean the dip tubes in my 5 gal ball lock kegs, but it could be larger in diameter (like 5/16" or even 3/8"). Maybe my tubes are just larger than normal....

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