Jockey Box cooling coil, SS, 50' x 5/16"

Item Number: 40-1877

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Stainless Steel Cooling Coil, 50' x 5/16" O.D.
Tubing: 50' x 5/16" O.D. Stainless Steel
Dimensions: approximately 5-1/2" diameter x 7" height
Includes: grommets, ferrules, and hex nut fittings for easy connection to shanks.
For replacement or building your own jockey box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nice cooling coil

Works as expected. Solid. Will need vinyl tubing to attach the coil to the box in and out connections.

Sandy Rhodes
Not exactly what was ordered

The coils ordered were to have the inlet/outlet on the same side. One coil had the inlet/outlet tubes 180 degrees apart, opposite sides. The other coil had neither configuration. Both coils required modifying to suit the application. After a couple of hours of work both coils were in place and working perfectly.

Alan Ingersoll
Jockey Box cooling coil, SS, 50' x 5/16"

These cooling coils are heavy and compact. A bonus is that these come with rubber compression 'washers' and nuts to connect to the shanks.

Kelsey Krussell
SS coil

Love this product! Made my beer come out for a warm keg to glass perfect! (Keg temp was approx 72* glass temp Was ice cold) Iíd buy another if I ever need one. Thanks AIH!

Erica Maurizio
Great Coil!

The coil fit well within the 16 quart cooler I bought for the jockey box conversion. Hooked up to both the wall coupling and faucet fitting without any leaks. Tested the coil's cooling ability by filling my cooler with 14 lb.'s of ice and topping it off with cold water. After chilling for 20 minutes the coil was providing a 33∞ temperature differential so I'm pleased with the results.

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