Jarrylo Saison All Grain Recipe

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Jarrylo Saison Recipe Kit

Light and easy to drink. Yet, complex enough for the discriminating palate. Earthy farmhouse esters and pear notes coming from the Jarrylo Hops make this a unique Saison.

Yield : 5 Gallons
Original Gravity : 1.064
Final Gravity : 1.016
Color / SRM : 12.36
Alcohol by Volume : 6.18%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate) : 37.48

Specialty Grains : White Wheat, Aromatic
Hops : Jarrylo

Recipe Includes : Specialty Grains in a grain bag & Hops
View The Jarrylo Saison All Grain Recipe Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karl M

I brewed this saison twice. The first time I used White Labs Belgian Saison 2 and I fermented hot at 80 F. I recommend that one. The second time I used Omega Farmhouse and did not get the flavor I wanted. With Belgian Saison you get a nice beer with strong pear banana flavor that is perfect for warm days. This is a great beer and you should brew it.

Paul Peters
Great Saison

I use the BIAB method, so I had to modify the instructions a bit from what was provided. I have to say, a great tasting beer. I just tapped it last night from my keg and really enjoy the taste of this beer. Great color, malty; almost like a farmhouse ale. I recommend this recipe to anyone wanting to give a go with a saison ale.

Really good!

This is a great saison. I took this to my homebrew club and everyone that tasted it loved it.

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