Homebrew Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit (5 gallon)

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Homebrew Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit (5 gallon)

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The homebrew hard seltzer recipe is a flavored, light and refreshing alcoholic beverage based on mineral water that is perfect for hot and sunny days when a glass of beer or wine is a little too much. The kit offers up to 10 optional flavors, or you can stick with the included mineral pack for that refreshing taste of sparkling mineral water with a dash of alcohol to relax the muscles. Enjoy!

Bottling up your Hard Seltzer? We recommended using PET bottles, available HERE!

Included Ingredients:
- Mineral Water Pack(s)
- Corn Sugar (To make the alcohol in your delicious hard seltzer)
- Chitosan Fining* (*Shell Fish Fining do not use if allergic to shellfish. Kit is still usable without, but may be slightly cloudy…that’s ok)

Items Needed (Not Included):
-6 gallons Distilled or Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Water. If you use tap water, the end result will be cloudy and may have too many minerals or overly strong flavors for desired end product. We strongly recommend Distilled or R/O Water.

O.G. = 1.026
F.G. = .999
Approximately 3.6% ABV
Approximately 80 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Scott Askins
Stalled fermentation

Jury is still out... Followed directions to the letter and it led to a stalled fermentation and based on research it was due to lack of yeast nutrient... it produced sulfur smell as a byproduct... I had to buy additional nutrient and have added Campden tablet as well... hoping the sulfur will subside!

Michael Leonis
Quick, Easy, and Tasty

I kegged this about a week ago and we can't stay away from it. Flavor is about perfect with the lime oil included in the kit (can't comment on other flavors), but some might want a slight back sweeten (we just used a little Splenda in our cups). Now to back up a bit to the beginning, this is so easy to make there is really not much to say except- This kit should include or, advise to use, a yeast nutrient regiment. I had slow and incomplete fermentation, and it makes sense since all that is there is sugar. I did 2 nutrient additions (at approx 2 week and 3 weeks) and that seemed to help it ferment out completely. So an initial addition in the boil, and another a week in, might be a good start. I have a starter going for the next batch, we'll see if that helps.

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