Green Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer

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Green Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer

Designed specifically for homebrewers, the Tilt Hydrometer & Thermometer monitors both the specific gravity and temperature of your batch while its fermenting without having to open your fermenter and waste your beer for test samples, allowing you to brew more consistent batches of beer and makes each batch much easier to track. Using the Tilt App (Available Here!) you can instantly check on your batches readings using an Apple iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet. Designed with a high precision temperature sensor and accelerometer, the Tilt monitors your batch with a fine degree of control. The specific gravity is accurate +/- 0.002 within the Tilt's 0.990 to 1.120 range. The included thermometer is accurate +/- 1 degree F. The increased transmission power of the Tilt gives it better reception and range, allowing it to send data through large, thick-walled fermenters and it will work with most Bluetooth 4.0+ devices. The Tilt was also built with efficiency in mind. The reduced power consumption allows to use you Tilt batch after batch with the same battery. Each Tilt comes calibrated and ready to use with an included battery. Battery life is 12-24 months depending on usage. Easy to use, the Tilt makes a great addition to any brewhouse. Simply download the app, sanitize your Tilt, drop it into your fermenter, and start taking readings!

The Tilt Hydrometers comes in a rainbow of colors to brighten up your brew supplies, but these colors are not just cosmetic. Use a different color Tilt to monitor multiple batches of beer at the same time. The Tilt App will not read multiple hydrometers of the same color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rick Jankowiak

Great service and fast delivery. Love it!

James Crawford
Great Product

I just purchased by third unit. These units are great. They allow you to watch the gravity of your fermentation remotely and constantly. I highly recommend them.

Soren Brockdorf
Changes everything

This changes everything for me because I ferment in a keg. I wish it synced easier the first time, it took me a very long time to get it to connect the first time. It would be nice if it could withstand a little higher temperature, that that is not a big want.

George Sabato
Great for measuring progress, not necessarily providing accurate data.

I have two Tilt hydrometers now, and I love the concept of dropping the device in wort and then monitoring how the fermentation progresses. I've used each of my two devices and received similar results on both. My "orange" unit was used to monitor my Helles that started at a specific gravity of 1.047. The Tilt read "1.047" just like my refractometer and I used WLP833 as my yeast. My predicted FG was 1.010 and the Tilt provided really good progress over the fermentation and I love the temperature reading as well. I used the projected FG and the Tilt reading to start my diacetyl rest when at 1.018. Over the next four weeks the gravity kept dropping. After five weeks Tilt was showing 1.004 which seemed a little much. The day I transferred to a keg I discovered that the Tilt had become encrusted with krausen/debris on the exposed end and the reading by hydrometer was 1.009. My second data point was an IPA that showed 1.067 by refractometer and 1.063 by Tilt. I used RO water as my calibration point and the Tilt showed 0.999-1.000. I was using WLP090 from a 5% Pale Ale to ferment this 7.1% predicted IPA. The Tilt showed very quick progress which was confirmed by insane blow off activity. In six days the Tilt showed 0.995 which was way lower than the predicted 1.010. When transferring to keg I once again discovered a giant slug of yeast/krausen/dry hop attached to the exposed end of the Tilt. My actual hydrometer reading was 1.006. This was double the error of my previous Helles. Is the Tilt useful? Absolutely. I used it to show progress/speed of fermentation which helps with diacetyl rest planning and dry hopping. Is it accurate? Maybe. OG readings seem accurate but the tendency of particulate to build on the exposed portion of the Tilt will obviously throw off the specific gravity calculation.

Michael Salsbury
One of the most useful bits of brewing equipment I own

I had my doubts about these when they first came out, having seen some really bad reviews of competing products. Still, I took the chance on one because the idea of being able to monitor fermentation temperature and gravity throughout the process seemed like a game changer. I set it up, which took only a minute or two, and put it to use on my next batch. I compared the reading the Tilt provided against a glass hydrometer and they were identical both before and after fermentation. Temperature readings were similarly consistent with a thermometer in my thermowell. When you combine a Tilt with a Raspberry Pi, Android, or iOS device, you can transmit your gravity and temperature readings to the cloud. If you have a Google account, the readings are recorded automatically in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. If you use the Brewfather app, you can have the readings transmitted there and track your fermentation there instead. Cleanup is as easy any any other piece of brewing equipment. Clean off any yeast or sediment. Sanitize it with Star San (or similar) before dropping it into your fermenter. Battery life is pretty good. I've gotten as much as six months out of a regularly-used Tilt, though it's recommended to change the batteries every three months. Changing the battery is probably the most frustrating part of using the Tilt, and even that isn't too bad. To avoid scratching the unit and introducing the possibility of infection, I use a rubber jar opener to twist off the end(s) and then pull out the electronics gently, swap out the battery, put the electronics back, twist the end(s) back on, and recalibrate in the app (or on the Pi) against clean water. Being able to track fermentation is a real game changer for me. It's really helpful to be able to monitor for the gravity to stop decreasing, and know that fermentation is really finished. Best of all, you can do that without wasting a single drop of wort or risking contamination of the beer. I've used the Tilt in plastic and stainless fermenters without a problem, and could even read the Tilt from nearby when inside a stainless fermenter inside a mini-fridge. After a year, the rubber seals on my Tilts looked a bit deteriorated, so I swapped them out for newer ones purchased from the company. But all of my Tilts are still working a year or more later. I definitely recommend this product.

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