Glass Hydrometer Test Cylinder

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12" glass Hydrometer Test Jar

Glass hydrometer test jar. 12" tall and 100ml in volume. Removable plastic base.

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Customer Reviews

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Carl Fedako
Glass hydrometer cylinder

Cylinder was as advertised, good shape for the hydrometer and easy to hold and clean.

James W Lero

My old one was not deep enough. This one is deep enough.

There are better cylinders on this site

Nice to have a packaged hydrometer and cylinder. Easy to order. Very happy with the hydrometer, however the cylinder cracked when I accidentally tapped the inside of the cylinder with the hydrometer while removing the hydrometer from the cylinder after making a measurement. Donít plan to replace with like in kind. Will replace cylinder with a diffident model from Homebrewing. Hope it is more durable. Was surprised that this cylinder cracked with the slightest tap from the hydrometer on the inside of the cylinder. Love the hydrometer. No issues with the hydrometer.

Detrick Merz
It's glass!

I should first point out that I've broken two of these. The first I chipped a small triangular piece out of the top. I continued using it for a while after that, treating it as if it was an inch shorter. Today I have broken my second one. As it was sitting on the counter, I caught the top of it with an empty drinking glass. The top couple inches of the test jar broke off. That being said, I'm preparing to order my third. I also have a plastic test jar that I keep around as a backup, but I greatly prefer a glass jar. Yes, the glass is thin. Be careful with it. The plastic base does have some flex, but I view this as a good thing. I can seat the glass jar in it, then adjust it slightly until it is vertical and the hydrometer floats nicely in it. In my plastic jar with the screw-on base, the threads attached to the jar were put on crooked, so it never sits squarely, and provides no way to adjust it. If the glass were thicker and/or more durable it would get five stars. Otherwise, I'm pleased with it.

Not so stable

These 12" glass test jars are a little disappointing in terms of their construction, but you get what you pay for. The glass is rather thin, and the tube sits down into a flexible plastic base. The base is probably a little too flexible, and while it does hold about 150ml, the jar is difficult to position perfectly vertically for easy reading, and tends to pop out of the base when moved while full of liquid. I don't see these standing up to regular use (they are being used in a college-level brewing and distillation program), and I expect the students will break these pretty quick. I'll be looking for a thicker, all-glass test jar in the future.

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