Gallon Jug Brush

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22" growler brush to clean your growler

Bristle Diameter 2-5/8'' Bristle length 1-1/4'', Brush area length 6-1/2''

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Customer Reviews

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Tracy M
Inaccurate Description

The dimensions of the description are inaccurate. I’m a math-y person and so know that a diameter is the measurement given across the entire circle vs a radius, which is just half the circle.
The description says the diameter of the brush was "Bristle Diameter 2-5/8'' Bristle length 1-1/4'', Brush area length 6-1/2’’”, which would mean the entire width of the brush was just over 2 1/2”, but the actual width was over 5”.

This was extra frustrating when I reached out and asked for help with this and my other item. The response was very unapologetic and not helpful. As such I won’t be purchasing from AIH again.

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