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Anti-Foam Drops

Minimize the loss on fermenting beer and transfer a slightly larger quantity in your existing fermenter. Our foam control is a vegetable oil-based antifoam. Proper use to control foam does not affect the head on your finished beer, and can actually increase the head by retaining head-forming compounds that would have been blown off during ferment. Vegetable oil is a known yeast nutrient and will be consumed by the yeast during fermentation of beer before bottling or kegging and will not blind filter media. Add 1 drop per gallon. Comes in a bottle with eye dropper. Good for about 50 batches of beer.

Our manufacturer adds that the amount of antifoam is a “rule of thumb” and the actual amount needed is determined by the brewing system used, the type of beer being brewed and type of yeast used for the beer. Higher original gravity beers like DIPA, big Belgian-Style Ales, and barley wines, for example, may take more; lower O.G. beers like Kolsch and light lagers generally take less.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
No longer vegetable oil based

Even though the description says vegetable oil based they are now shipping the silicone based fermcap S. AIH should update the description as this is no longer the product they are selling

David Sleamon
Foam control

Stopped by to get some more but found the store permanently closed with no warning. I will miss the awesome knowledgeable employees. They are what made AIH so great!

Adam Garrison
Great for full volume fermentation

I ferment in kegs and was limited to 4-4.5 gallons per batch. 10 drops of this miracle potion and I can fill the kegs to just below the gas dip tube with no blow off. Highly recommended if you're pushing your vessels, either fermenting or boiling, to their volume limits.

jim asa
Stopped the foam

Used honey in some brews and got a lot of foam in the air lock, foam control did a great job controlling the foam, great product, will always use.

It works

I added 1 drop per gallon to a fermenting blonde ale that was threatening to blow the top off my carboy. That was about an hour ago and now the krausen has shrunk down to about a quarter of the size it was and I'm happy. This stuff is worth it's weight in gold because now I don't have to deal with blowoff tubes, which I hate.

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