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Pouring clear pints from the start. With our floating dip tube the first pint to the last you’ll get clear pours. Traditional dip tubes draw beer from the bottom of the keg, the longer kegs are at cold temperatures more and more haze particles settle out at the bottom. With the floating dip tube, this means you get clear bright beer off the top of the keg. Works with ball lock or pin lock kegs.

Floating Dip Tube Installation:

We recommend replacing the liquid dip tube with a short gas dip tube then it's as simple as pushing one end of the silicone tubing over the bottom end of the dip tube. Cutting your keg's existing liquid dip tube down to 3-4” is also an option. Once cut push one end of the silicone tubing over the bottom end and you're ready to start serving clear beer.

Floating Dip Tube Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Ball Float
  • 23.5” Long 1/4” ID Silicone Tubing

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Customer Reviews

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Jay Christensen
Works eventually

Kinda tricky to keep the inlet off the top of the beer in a full keg so it doesn’t suck gas with the beer. Once you find its happy angle of the dangle it works as it should. Haven’t hit the bottom of a keg yet to see how it does there though.

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