FerMonster PET Carboy 6 Gallon (Includes lid w/hole)

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FerMonster PET Carboy 6 Gallon (Includes lid w/hole)

Introducing the FerMonster Wide-Mouth Carboy! To enable easy cleaning, the FerMonster features smooth, ribless sides. This helps to reduce the residual yeast and sediment build-up. A 4" wide-mouth opening reduces spillage and the need for additional equipment when filling or cleaning the FerMonster.

Other features include:
  • 6 gallons in size
  • Large enough capacity to be used as a primary or secondary fermenter
  • Brilliantly clear with built-in 5 and 6 gallon markings
  • Made with food-grade plastic and BPA-free
  • Lid is constructed as one piece, providing an airtight seal
Dimensions: Approximately 20” H X 11” W

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shawn Farrington
Very easy

I'm enjoying this carboy. While it is plastic and a bit flexible, it is light and incredibly easy to clean. I appreciate the wide mouth so I can get my arm in and clean very well. The lid seals well also. I bought it because it was a small enough diameter so it fits in my temperature-controlled fridge.

Best Fermenter

Used a glass carboy for a couple of years, I won't go back. I bought the 7 gal, and it rocks. Seals as it should, yes you have to crank it down - a lot better than the ones on Northern Brewer, these have smooth walls, very easy to clean.

Not impressed

While this seems like a good idea, in practice it's pretty useless as a fermentation vessel. It simply will not seal. The O-ring in the lid does not seal well enough so you get leakage around the lid/cap. In addition, the hole in the lid is not perfectly circular, so the bung leaks gas as well. I was afraid my batch was not fermenting because the airlock wouldn't bubble but I visibly see that it was active and could smell the yeast and hops. It's not worth risking contamination of entire batches to have the convenience of a large opening for cleaning.

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