Fawcett Oat Malt 55 lb Bag

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Thomas Fawcett
Fawcett Oat Malt 55 lb Bag

1.9-2.3 °L

Great for enhancing body and flavor of dark beers. Use at a rate of 5% to 10%. Oat Malt is a unique malt that adds a distinct texture and smoothness to your brews similar to flaked oats. Traditionally used in Stouts and Porters for building body it is not uncommon to see this malt show up in some IPAs or other English Style Ales.

Thomas Fawcett

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Ray Ellis
Great for NEIPA

I use this adjunct in my NEIPA recipes. I like it because it has a husk so no need for rice hulls. The body is much smaller than barley so recommend getting it mailed at the store unless you have a mill that you can get super tight with the rollers.

Milled looks not milled

I love malted oats in a hazy IPA. I ordered some here because my LHBS didnít carry it for a time. I ordered milled and they arrived to pretty much unmilled. I supposed they just fog it to mill it but what I think is more likely is malted oats are really hard to mill because theyíre extra small and hard and the Miller didnít bother to size down the mill gap before running them thru. Maybe 10% of the hulls were cracked. So my efficiency suffered.

Stephen Marshall
Solid grains

Exactly what I was looking for to fulfill a recipe at a good price.

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