Edinburgh Scottish Ale Recipe Kit

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Edinburgh Scottish Ale Recipe Kit

Scotland is famous for it's malty, strong ales. Many of the most famous come from the Edinburgh region. This is true to form, malt forward with notes of caramel, toffee, and roast.

YYield : 5 Gallons
Original Gravity: 1.064
Final Gravity:: 1.016
Color / SRM : 17.32
Alcohol by Volume: 6.22%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate): 29

Specialty Grains: Crystal 60L, Amber, Aromatic, Roasted Barley
Hops: 7 HBUs

Recipe Includes : Liquid Malt, Specialty Grains in a grain bag & Hops
View The Edinburgh Scottish Ale Recipe Kit Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hayward Stewart

I have a 5 stage water filter(10 PPM pure) and are getting some crazy good numbers with these kits. The Edinborough Ale will kick your ass without elevating the ABV by adding anything. I messed up and bottled it all in Boomers. Big mistake for a lite wait. I've brewed other kits from the AIH and all have been excellent. The higher ABV beers take a little longer to mature (1 month) but just keep getting better.

Brent McRae
Smooth and good

This was my second recipe, was slow to ferment, but when it took off, did well. First taste after 2 weeks in bottle were disappointing, however with more aging/conditioning, very good. Am reordering now.

Stuart Mulligan
Tastes just like back home!

So I'm fairly new to Homebrewing, and decided to start learning because I couldn't purchase Deuchars or Mcewans Export which I drink back home in Scotland. I love the US but my new home does not make beer to the palate I'm used to. This is exactly how beer should taste from my perspective, tasty as anything, sweet but not too sweet, mild hop background, alcoholic without being too strong to mimic those beers back home. Will buy again, thanks AIH for cloning true Scots beer. Hae a dram wi' this n' ye'll be shteamin' and gleichit! On the top of ya' on the bottom of ya' and right inside ya! :-)

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