Home Brew Keg System w/ Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Keg & Bottle Filler

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Finally, the best of both worlds! The Home Brew Keg & Bottling system gives you the ability to carbonate your beer to perfection and the flexibility to choose your beer destiny: keg it to serve at home, bottle it for portability, or both! Whatever you choose, your homebrew will thank you.

This system is the fastest, hassle-free way to keg and serve with ease. The Home Brew Keg & Bottling System is convenient, sets up quick, and helps you serve better beer. The included Cornelius Ball-Lock keg is easy to disassemble for cleaning and has replaceable seals. The fully-assembled tap lines snap right onto the keg. Best of all, it takes just a swish of sanitizer to prep your keg for the next batch. Don't wait around for your beer to bottle condition. Add in the CO2 tank of your choice (not included) and you can enjoy your brew sooner, carbonating beer in 1-2 days instead of the standard 2-4 weeks in bottles. Perfect addition for an at-home kegerator kit!

No more guesswork to reach the perfect carbonation in your beer either. Adjust the pressure in real-time and guarantee perfect pours. The ultra-durable CO2PO® Dual-Gauge CO2 Regulator makes carbonation easier than ever with recommended settings for major beer styles. Hand-adjustable knobs are twist-and-go.

When you need to take some of that beer with you (or enter a competition), the bottling system is ready to provide the perfect fill. The Last Straw® Stainless Bottle Filler is painless to clean and premium materials prevent your beer from getting contaminated. The lines you need to utilize The Last Straw® are already assembled too. Bottling perfectly carbonated and sediment-free beer has never been easier.

    Note: Keg Lube can help prevent CO2 leaks and prolong the life of the keg seals.

    Includes everything except a CO2 tank to share and enjoy draft homebrew.


    • One 5-Gallon Ball Lock Corny Keg
    • CO2PO® Double Body CO2 Regulator - Patent Pending
    • Last Straw® Stainless Steel Bottle Filler
    • Tubing and Fittings for the Last Straw®
    • Fully assembled gas line & nylon washers to ensure tight seals
    • Fully assembled draft line for pouring brew from your keg

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