Deluxe Yeast Starter Kit

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Yeast Starter Deluxe Kit

The most important part of brewing is high quality active yeast. The best way to ensure you have active yeast is to build a yeast starter and proper knowledge of how yeast affects your batches of beer. This kit includes everything you will need to build a quality starter and ensure a fast start to your fermentation and now includes Yeast: A Practical Guide to Fermentation for a serious understanding of the processes the yeast undertake during fermentation.

This kit includes:
  • **NEW**
    Now includes Yeast: A Practical Guide to Fermentation, an in-depth analysis of yeast and its role in fermentation.
  • One 2000ML Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Keeper Magnet (keeps your stir bar in place while pitching your yeast)
  • Bung and "S" Shape Airlock
  • One Wax Glass Marker
  • Stir Starter Stir Plate
  • Anti Foam Drops
  • One Pound Light Dry Malt Extract

a starter is nothing more than making a small batch of beer. I like to
use the anti foam drops to ensure I do not have a boil over on my stove.
The wax marker is perfect for dating and identifying the yeast used. Be sure to dive into your Yeast book, a great resource for truly understanding what's going on in your beer!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Kit

Comes with everything you need to get the most out of your yeast. Everything was as advertised and worked well. I've only browsed the book, but it looks like it will up my fermentation game a lot. Don't waste your time looking for a better deal, you won't find one!

Colin Nero
Decent but,.....

I would have given this a higher mark but the magnet plate came broken. Simple fix was to disassemble and re-glue one of the small magnets. After looking at this stir plate, its something any handy person could easily make. Other than that, everything else was great and enjoying the Yeast book.

Aaron Hale
Great Kit!

I did my research and scoured the internet for the best deal. This is it! Worked perfectly! This was my first experience with starting yeast and using a stir plate and it worked great! I used it for my first "big beer" , an Arrogant Bastard clone, and ended up with an explosion of bubbles within 12 hours and had to use a couple droppers of the foam control it came with, thank God!, thought it was for the flask but I needed it in carboy. Beer came out 7.35% ABV and tastes amazing, by the way, Arrogant is 7.2. Very Happy!

Richard Reposa
Great product!

I have been looking to get a starter kit for awhile but, thought it was just too much money. Then I saw this package and thought ìwhat a dealî comes with a stir plate that works great and is from a reputable company a stir bar magnet to hold stir bar in flask while you pitch. Very Handy. The big thing for me though was the fact that it came with the Yeast book. Such a great resource for learning everything you need to take your fermentation game to the next level. All pieces of this kit are quality made and do not disappoint. Best deal for a starter kit you will find IMO.

Kim Hillpot
Love it

I was getting a reasonable level of activity but using the stir plate kicked up the activity. I love the book too. Yeast is so important a good start is important.

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