Coopers Real Ale

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Coopers Real Ale Can Kit

The only canned beer kit produced by a working brewery!

Straight from Coopers Brewing in Australia, this beer pours bright golden with a generous head. A generous mouthfeel and a moderate bitterness are balanced by a pleasant blend of fruit and malt on the nose. This is very similar to Cooper's Traditional Ale.

IBUs: 29
Color: 8.1 SRM
Produces: 6 Gallons of Beer

*Note: This kit requires an additional 2.2 lbs. of fermentable sugar to reach target flavor and alcohol content. Check our options above to add some today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jim Blair
Ah, the good old days

Of the current liquid malt syrups available, my favorate is Coopers Australian Pale Ale. But I still miss the one that I started on decades ago: Blue Ribbon Hop Flavored malt syrup. It cost under a dollar at the A&P store. I began making beer because I knew someone who gave me a sample of Budweiser yeast. Beer yeast was not available then, and bakers yeast made a beer that smelled like bread. My friend was a biochemist who was an expert in yeasts and somehow got a sample of Bud yeast.

Roy Dye

Was Great...

Danilo Mieses

Al pale nice

Timothy Sawyer
I like it very much,about the best.

Real Ale and Stout are my favorites

Have had this

Yes I have had this when I first started brewing back in the 1980's it is still good.

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