Coopers English Bitter

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Coopers English Bitter Hopped Can Kit

In the style of traditional pale ales, this delicious brew pours a brown copper color with hues of red and a delightfully creamy head.

3.75 lb can. Toasty, sweet malt flavors blended with a pleasing floral aroma balance a firm bitter finish. Enjoy chilled, or try at stout temperatures.

3.75 pound cans are designed to make 6 gallons with an original gravity
of 1.038 (with 2.25 LB of sugar or dry malt extract) giving about 4.1%
ABV. We prefer to make 5 gallons with 3 LB of brewing sugar to give an
OG of about 1.051 and 5.5% ABV.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Foss
Dented Cans

1st order shipped all cans were dented by poor boxing 2nd shipment same problem

Stephen Williams

A great bitter!!! Adventure in Homebrewing make sure you get everything you need. I am a Brit and have been home brewing since I was 16. So pleased they make it easy to get the kits I need and that they carry Coopers beer kits.

Jayne Cooper Williams

Received everything we ordered it great time. Very pleased with Adventures in Homebrewing.

Ryan Smith
Another Good One

A good English style Bitter. Brewed with 3 pounds of Pale LME Liquid Malt Extract Syrup. You get some hop bitterness, but not a hop bomb like American Craft beers. I prefer a more balanced beer like this one. Will definitely brew again. Maybe brew with light LME next time to see the difference in taste.

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