Coopers Canadian Blonde

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Coopers Canadian Blonde Can Kit

Clean, pale malt flavours, a light bodied palate with malt aromas and a hint of spicy hops. A pale straw coloured beer... drinkable to the last sip!

Coopers 3.3 pound cans are designed to make 6 gallons with an original gravity of 1.038 (with 2.25 LB of sugar or dry malt extract) giving about 4% ABV. We prefer to make 5 gallons with 3 LB of brewing sugar to give an OG of about 1.050 and 5.2% ABV.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Paul A.
Not blonde, but strawberry blonde

Brewing this was easy over a 2 hour period including clean up. I used the kit liquid in the can + 1 lb Light DME + 1lb Dextrose in 1 gallon of fresh Poland Springs water on the stove top kettle heated to just under boiling to more easily mix the ingredients. Plus I made a hop tea with 1 oz Brewers Gold in 1 qt hot water on the side and added that to the fermenter before toping up. Gave me an OG of 1.042 in a Big Mouth fermenter filled to 5.7 gallon mark. My wort temp was about 90F and I had to chill it down in my Brew Jacket using ice packs. This took about 6 hours to get it down to about 70F. Next time I will pre chill my gallons of spring water. I used the brewers yeast that came with the kit. It took about 23 hours to start at about 69F. I was worried at first because there was absolutely no activity. Then it began, and was slow and steady for about 13 days finishing at 1.009. I kegged it and force carbed it. Been on tap for a week and it is flowing nicely. It’s color is not blonde though. Almost an amber or Vienna lager color. I think heating while mixing might have darkened the malt(?). But the flavor is full and fairly malty. Nice white head on it. Not picking up any of the cider flavors some people have noticed, which is fine by me. Overall, I’d prefer it to be a little bit on the lighter side(both in color and flavor/mouthfeel) than what came out in the end. But it is still a solid brew and I like it.

MY favorite

THis one is my favorite of all of them, it is a hidden gem

james simpson
haven't tried it yet

a few years back it didn't say mr beer on it and I always thought it was pretty good,but to give you an idea,i buy natural ice and drink that,so I'm not a "common sewer" of fine brews. Then it wasn't available for what seemed like quite some time and when it re-appered it seems like it's got more of a cider taste.Some people have said "it's more of a yeast tang" . I just mix with about 3 and a half pounds of corn sugar and some people say that causes it.I've also tried about 2 and a half lbs with a pound of dry light malt and it's still there.Or it may be I'm just used to top of the butt crack smell natural ice. I hate to say I drink it for effect not taste,but,oops!I already said it. I'd probably say if you keg,go ahead and try it (I only bottled once,way too much work for me) If you bottle I'd probably stick with whatever you do now. OR bottle and if you don't like it offer it to friends. Of course all of this has nothing to do with the business,they always deliver very quickly to me.They are about 60 miles away from me so I usually get stuff the day after I order it.

Jerry Ellmann
Blonde's can be more fun

I thought the Canadian Blonde would be somewhat lacking in color and quality, but was very pleasantly surprised at the finished product. It was a nice golden amber with just the right boldness in the body to make it a very enjoyable and drinkable beer. Proud to serve it to my friends.

Karl O'Vadka
Brewing as we speak

One of my favorites here, this time using evaporated cane juice sugar, beginning of day 3 and is bubbling at 1 bubble per 1.5 seconds, it is going to be a winner.

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