Clean Bottle Degassing Tool

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Clean Bottle Degassing Tool

To use the DeGasser, attach to your drill, pull back on the plastic whip so you can insert into the carboy, pull the trigger and watch your batch turn into a mini-vortex. The Degasser is designed to fit into any standard cordless drill with 1000 rpm motor.

This unique DeGassing tool will help the home winemaker with the hard job of removing unwanted gas out of your wine must. If you are a Home Brewer, this tool will easily help with the aerating process by adding oxygen to your beer prior to pitching the yeast. You can visually see the gas bubbles from the wine must or extreme foaming from the beer wort come to life once the DeGasser creates a mini-vortex within your Carboy. No more vigorous stirring with a big Spoon or shaking of your carboys. Let your cordless drill and the Clean Bottle Express™ Wine/Beer DeGasser do all the work for you.

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Customer Reviews

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Jim Crawford
Time Saver

This works great! This stirs/agitates extremely well with little effort. Easy to put into the narrow neck of a carboy. Works well in 6 gallon buckets also.


This bottle degassing tool works great. Perfect for 1 Gallon glass carboy. Saves lots of time!

jerry lenarz
Works great

Really cuts down on manual labor. degasses quickly.

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