Clarity Ferm Single 10ml Vial

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Clarity Ferm Single 10ml Vial

Chill haze in beer results from the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins during cold storage. This haze develops over time and, initially, is reversible (haze disappears when the temperature of the beer increases). Eventually this chill haze can become permanent. Clarity Ferm will prevent the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins by hydrolyzing the sensitive (haze-active) polypeptides in the region where such hydrogen bonding occurs. The specificity of the enzyme ensures that no other beer parameters are affected. This easy-to-use enzyme can be used on all types of brewing materials and is a cost effective product to replace silica gel or PVPP. Simply add when pitching yeast, and Clarity Ferm will do its work during fermentation. When fermentation is complete, chill haze has already been addressed. In addition to eliminating chill haze,
Clarity Ferm significantly reduces the gluten content in beers made with barley and wheat. A Clarity Ferm treated beer made from barley or wheat usually tests below 20 ppm of gluten, the current international standard for gluten free.

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Customer Reviews

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Do this!

Started using this after talking with the brewers at Bridger Brewing (Bozeman, MT) and Moscow Brewing (Moscow, ID). First time I brewed with it, I split the batch into separate fermenters to see if there was any difference in taste. Everything else being equal, I detected zero difference in taste, aroma, head, appearance, etc. Gluten sensitive relatives now enjoy any beer I make thanks to Clarity Ferm. I use it in everything I brew!

Stephen and Patricia Monson Geerts
Patty's Happy!

My wife and I have been homebrewers since the early 90's and mostly brew 5-gallon batches in conjunction with our homemade kegging system. The only problem, about 10 years ago Patty was diagnosed gluten-intolerant. Since we found Clarity Ferm - Problem Solved! Patty is able to drink all of our beers with no side effects, and there is absolutely no detection of adverse flavors in the beer. I would recommend this product to anyone who has problems digesting gluten - Cheers!

Fred C Folts
Really works

My cousin and her daughters are diagnosed Gluten Intolerant and my wife is starting to show signs of Gluten intolerance. I tried this in a batch of a Big Wave Clone and all were able to enjoy the beer and had no reactions. For $5.00 a batch I figure I will keep putting it in my beers so the whole family can enjoy them.

Nicholas Wilkening
Excellent Product

I use a vial of this in every 5 gallon batch I make, so my gluten-sensitive wife can enjoy our beer together, a must have product for those who have gluten-sensitive people in their life.

Jason Baker
Amazing product!

I have an unprofessionally diagnosed gluten intolerance. I thought that I'd try this in my brewing to see how it would do. All I can say is WOW! I used this to brew a chocolate milk stout last year and it was the smoothest, cleanest stout I've ever brewed. In addition to it being an amazing beer, it *was* (I drank it all) EXTREMELY easy on my normally sensitive digestive track. Don't think, just buy. You will not regret it, and there was absolutely no detectable taste. I'm getting ready to brew a pumpkin beer with it and I'm very excited.

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