Cider House Select Mango Peach Cider Making Kit (5.3 lb)

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Cider House Select Mango Peach Cider Making Kit (5.3 lb)

Candied peach and tropical mango are enveloped by a fresh apple flavor. Delciously smooth on the palate while balancing sweet and tart.

Makes 6 US gallons

ABV Approx: 5.2%

See options for equipment, cleaners and additional ingredients.

Instructions for Cider House Select Mango Peach Cider Making Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dale Lozier
Easy and reliable.

I have been making cider house kits for several years with no troubles. One deviation I suggest is to add a can of frozen concentrate of apple juice, apple cherry, or mixed berry. I do this after fermentation is complete. Usually right before I keg 5 gallons of the 6 gallon batch. The other gallon. Goes on fresh fruit and drink it like a sangria.

Dan Cunningham

These are a great way to make a good cider easily!

Bizzy's Buzz
So far so good

I gotta say as someone who have been home brewing beer for years, this kit was almost too easy! You basically make a simple syrup (corn sugar) cool that down then put the liquid into the fermenter. Pop the yeast in there and let it rip. I fermented it at 64F and the provided yeast produced a lot of sulfur.. commonly known as "rhino farts" I am happy my fermentation chamber is in the garage ;) I let it roll for 2 weeks and put the flavoring packet directly into the keg and transferred the cider. I burst carbonated it and it's drinking pretty nice. I will say that at 3 weeks total time, the sulfur smell is still in the nose. I'd buy this again for sure, but changing yeast strain the next time I made it.

Nathaniel Farris
Great Cider

Very impressed with the Mango-Peach cider. Even more importantly my Thanksgiving guests were impressed. Couldn't believe I made it. I do agree with another reviewer - I added 2oz each of Peach and Mango natural flavoring when I kegged it, in addition to the flavor pack it comes with. It made it perfect. Without the flavoring I think it would not have been half as good. Thanks for the idea!

Nichole headworth

The aroma of mango when you pop the top fills the room. Goes down really easy with a nice after taste!

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