Carboy Dry Hopping Tube 400 Micron

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Dry Hopping Tube for Carboy

This thin, elongated 400 micron stainless steel mesh tube is perfect for dry-hopping in a glass carboy. Designed for secondary carboy dry-hopping, this tube features two removable food grade plastic stopper caps that make clean up easy. It is NOT recommended to use more than 2.5 ozs. of hop pellets or 2 ozs. of coffee beans because they swell inside the tube.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Mitchell
Works great, but don't overfill.

I used 2 of these tubes, filled with 1.5oz of T-90 pellets to dry-hop an IPA in a 5-gal glass carboy. They worked great at keeping the vegetative matter out of my racking cane when I transferred out of the carboys. Next time I will probably use no more than 1oz in each tube. The hops expand a LOT in the tubes. They were moist all the way through, but caked pretty solid when I cleaned them afterwards Some of the pellet structure was still intact. The aroma came through fine in the finished beer. In my 5-gallon glass carboy I used 2 tubes at the same time and could have easily dropped in more than 2. In the future that's probably what I'll do...only use 1 oz of T-90 pellets per tube and just use more tubes.

Eric Mis
Good Results

I am very happy with the results of this product as I use the filter for hops and coffee in my carboys. I have 2 of these and restrict the hops to 1 oz. each. With pressurized water, cleanup is easy. I use 1.5 oz. max of ground coffee and have great results.

Captain M
Keg Pickup Filter

I use this in my Korny Keg. I drilled a hole in the top and placed my dip tube inside so it would act as an incoming filter. It works great - I just throw my hop pellets right into the keg - set it and forget it and then when I want to either transfer or keg it - the liquid is already being filtered when you pour or transfer. No hop material inside the glass and easy. Works great.

Ken Hamel

This tube doesnít hold much (just over an ounce) and can be a pain to clean. But, I have used it twice now to dry hop in a 5 gallon Corny keg and it works great.

Perfect for small amounts

I'm using this combined with some marbles to keep oak cubes from floating to the top of my fermenter. Working great and getting awesome flavor. The fact that it fits in carboys is perfect.

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