Carbonation Lid for Keg

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Carbonating Lid for Keg

Easily carbonate your next batch in 24 hours! This Cornelius keg lid features a top mounted gas ball lock post with an under mounted carbonation stone. The attached .5 micron diffuse stone is on a 2' flexible 1/4" I.D. hose, making it easily fit into any corny keg. This method of force carbonation can carbonate your keg in 24 hours, then simply switch lids and start carbonating the next!

Lid Features:
-Undermounted 5/16" barb
-.5 Micron 1/4" MFL Carbonation Stone
-2' of flexible antimicrobial tubing
-Gas Ball Lock Post

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jesus Martinez
Great product

Got my kegs carbonate 3 days before my brew event well worth it

ok but flaws

carbonated ~20 kegs over the year. I rinse it brew wash before and after use but while carbonating 4 kegs it plugged up on the 4th one. cant clear it. soaked in pbw for a day and applied 30psi no joy. replaced the stone.

Edward S Duda
Carbonation keg lid

Love this!!! Works great.

Works perfectly

Makes carbonating easy and simple. Read the instructions and you're all set. The only thing not mentioned in the instructions is your carb stone can get clogged. Simple cleaning in a sonic cleaner for 2 minutes and it was back in action.

Alex Torres
Depends on stone

I have bought two of these. First one came with the 0.5 micron stone. Second one came with what looks like a 2 micron. Both seem to carb similar but the 0.5 micron release is slower which is what you want.

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