Can Fresh Aluminum Beer Cans - 16.9 oz - Case of 207 Cans

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Home Beer Cans - 16oz
Can Fresh Aluminum Beer Cans - 500ml/16.9 0z

Case of 207 aluminum cans and lids.

Aluminum cans offer 100% protection from UV and other wavelengths of light that is harmful to beer. Seamed cans form a much better seal than bottles, which can prevent these issues.

Aside from better protection, aluminum cans are the safest option for sharing and enjoying your homebrew. Cans of homebrew can be taken anywhere, without the worry of breaking the glass.

  • 500ml/16.9 oz aluminum cans
  • Each case contains 207 cans and lids
  • 202 end diameter beverage cans with B64 lids
  • One case is enough for roughly five 5-gallon batches of beer
  • Compatible with the Cannular Can Seamer (CAN100)

Please note that up to 5% of the cans are likely to be dented or damaged in transit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Matthew Brunelle

After doing months of research, I expected to receive a bunch of damaged cans as had been reported. The box was sturdy enough to deliver every can in great condition.

Michael Mathis
Can Size

While these are great and the machine works amazing it should be noted that you need to use Cannular cans or be prepared to make changes. The 16 oz cans from Cask and Ball are shorter in height so the adapter needs to be shimmed with washers to get to the seaming height.

Matthew Wilkos
Review of cans

Bought these cans for use with the cannular canning system. Cans are excellent. I have run about a hundred of them through the cannular over 4 batches and am currently experimenting with doing ìbottle conditioningî in can. A couple things to note before you get started. Make sure you dial in the system before you start running cans as the dies are very finicky. Also, do not use starsan on the underside of the can lids, it messes up the sealing compound, about half the time. Ok to use in cans themselves. Packaging of the lids within the box is such that there is minimal risk of contamination from the lid itself.

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