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Brew Belt - 32"

The Brew Belt is approx 1" wide and 32" long and wraps around your fermenter to increase heat by 5-20° F
  • Uses 15W.
  • Two different springs (1" or 4") connect the ends to hold onto your carboy, plastic fermenter, or even your conical!
For ultimate control of your fermentation temperature, use in conjunction with a stopper thermowell and digital thermostat.

An electric warming belt designed to wrap around most primary or secondary fermenters, the Brew Belt is not recommended for use with glass carboy fermenters. It heats at a constant 75 F (24 C), and is great for wintertime basement brewing and winemaking. When your brew place gets colder than 75 F, fermentation can stop. Since the belt heats at a constant 75 F, the yeast won't slow or stop the activity, so you'll never have a cold-stuck fermentation.

The lower the belt is positioned on the fermenting container, the higher the wort or must temperature will rise. The belt should not be left plugged in for more than 8 days in a row, and the must or wort temperature should be monitored daily. Do not cover the belt with a blanket, and do not use near flammable material.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ian Schlake
Good product

In the winter my house is rarely above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and dops into the 50's at night. I was having trouble with anything but lager yeasts. I bought two of these belts and they work like a charm. No complaints, I've been using one near constantly for over 2 months now with no issues. Well constructed and simple.

Wayne Lynum
Too hard to keep in place

Seems to get the job done if you can manage to hold it in place without falling off constantly. The instructions said there should have been metal clips included but I couldn't find any.

Perfect Temp!

I have had issues in the past with keeping my fermentation at the correct temperature. This brew belt was perfect for me. I used it on my most recent beer and have been extremely impressed. The constant temperature has allowed my beer to obtain over 8% ABV in the first 3 days. I saw other belts on other sites that required a temperature control unit cost a lot more. Couldn't be more pleased.

Jeremy Johnson
Warms The Heart

My basement can get a little chilly, so I got this to wrap around my FastFerment conical fermenter. Had to use the long spring, but otherwise wraps nicely around the wide part. Has kept the temps hovering in the 67-70 degree range. Seems to work well. Maybe a bit expensive at $30 for such a simple concept.

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