Brew Bag Locking 3/8" Ratchet Pulley - 10 Gallon

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3/8" Locking Ratchet Pulley System - 10 Gallon

Designed to lift BIG grain bills, this Locking Ratchet Pulley system includes 17' of solid 3/8" braided polypropylene rope and zinc plated steel hooks. The ratchet features a thumb release for easy removal and even includes a 1/8" pull down rope for the thumb release when it is placed out of arm's reach. This system boasts a 2:1 pulling ratio and has a maximum load limit of 250 lbs. The Locking Ratchet Pulley System is also incredibly easy to use. Use the S-hook located next to the small metal pulley to attach your pulley to tested, secure source. Push the thumb release on the ratchet to free slack on the rope and pull the ratchet close to the bag loops so you can easily attach them onto the S-hook (or attach them to a separate carabiner first!) near the black ratchet. Pull the loose end of the rope to raise your grain bag until you hear your ratchet clicking, locking the rope and your grain bag in place.

This system is recommended for 10 gallon batches and up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim Gearing
Instructions are NOT clear

You need to put in a bold-faced banner across the top, "You must be lifting the load in order to disengage the ratchet."

It will not disengage when the load is sitting. This should be made clear.

Elias Brice
Great value here

This was exactly what I needed and works great. Was a little confusing at first because the directions have no visual aids. But now it's an integral part of my brewing system. I recommend getting a carabiner to attach all of the straps of your grain bag to the hook.

Love it!

Great quality. The auto locking mechanism is a must have feature. Brings a joy to my brew day!

Must have for BIAB

Brewed my 2nd BIAB batch. The first batch I did not have the Pulley. ....Live, brew and learn. This Pulley makes life easy for BIAB brewers. It's very simple to install and easy to use. My 2nd batch BIAB was right on the OG target. I was able to get so much more out of my grains using this Pulley.

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