Bottle and Carboy Washer

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Bottle and Carboy Washer

This Carboy/Bottle Washer emits a high jet powered spray making cleaning and rinsing bottles/carboys simple. Attached to most kitchen faucets using one of our Sink Faucet Adapters.

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Customer Reviews

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Bren Hassien

First I was impressed by the service I received and how fast my order was received. As for the bottle washer, amazing! Had a bottle that has been sitting on a shelf a bit dusty in and out, teardrop shaped. Cleaned it up beautifully. Thank you all for doing what you do, looking forward to future adventures with you.

Andy Clark

Very necessary for hygienic reasons.

Robert Brown
Works well with three caveats

The first bottle washer sent to me was defective, but AIH customer service promptly replaced it. This one works great with a couple of caveats. First, there is a threshold pressure above which you must operate otherwise the wire actuator (for lack of a better term) will violently oscillate after removing a bottle for at least a few seconds before settling down. Open the faucet a bit more to overcome this phenomena. Second, the same wire sometimes jumps out of the key way on the ferrule at the end of the spray tube, which jams the actuator open or closed. It rotates back in place pretty easily though. Finally, the device includes no directions, which is okay if caveats 1 and 2 did not come into play. But it definitely removes dried sludge from the bottom of a beer bottle once you get it tuned up.

Hardy Pottinger
Solid, works

This is just an indispensable bit of kit for a homebrewer. How else do you clean your bottles and carboys? Nice solid build, does the job.

Bottle washer

This bottle washer is pretty good at what it is designed to do. I have a design style that I used once and didnít care for it but, this one, I will be using every bottle cleaning. Only reason why itís a 4 star and not a 5 star is because the lever came jammed on the collar, rendering it immovable. But after I got it free it worked great! Until the 1 out 50 bottle washes is jammed and I was sprayed with hot water. No big deal, just an annoyance and I need to be aware of this the next time. I would recommend this bottle washer to a friend.

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