Biofine Clear Dropper

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Biofine Clear Dropper Bottle

1 Ounce Bottle

colloidal solution of silicic acid (SiO2) in water)

Biofine is a vegan-friendly clarifying agent that is added during
secondary fermentation and precipitates sedimentation of yeast and other
clouding bits. A great alternative to
isinglass for those who are vegetarian or simply don’t like the idea of adding
fish bladder to their beer or wine.
Works in 1-2 days. Use as little
as ¼ TBSP (3 ml) to 2 TBSP (31 ml) per 5 gallon batch. Start on the lower side and add until you
reach your desired level of clarity. 2 year shelf life. We recommend storing
this in the fridge

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Adam Garrison
It works, but only marginally faster

I recently brewed two kegs worth of a pale lager to test different clarification techniques. Biofine worked, but it was only two days quicker than cold storage alone. The beer used 34/70 which is notoriously powdery and hard to drop out, so it was a good testbed. I'll try it again on a different beer and see how it performs before I form a real opinion.

NA Ben
Worth it

If you keg and like your beer bright and clear use this! I add 2tsp to 5gal and rack beer onto to mix. First pint has a lot of settled gunk. After that beer comes out beautiful and clear! Wouldn't use to bottle condition though as it will drop out the yeast.

John B
Worked Great!

I did a 10 gal batch and tried 1tsp in one keg, and 2 tsp in the second. Both cleared well, but the 2 tsp was noticeably more clear. Both cleared in just a couple days. It would be nice to get this in a slightly larger container - 4-6 oz?

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