Beer Filter System for Homebrewing

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This homebrew beer filter kit acts as an inline beer filter using Co2 to push beer between two cornelius style kegs filtering out yeast and sediment in the process. The process is faster and more effective than other homebrew filtration methods like cold crashing.

The beer filter housing and keg disconnects (DISCONNECTS ARE OPTIONAL) connect to the 3 inch beer lines on each side of the homebrew filter with a stainless steel MFL connection making the lines multi-functional.

This homebrew filter system uses a 1 micron beer filter cartridge that will need to be replaced after each use. We have included an option to add more filter cartridges should you need them.

Kegs, CO2 tank, regulator, and gas lines are available separately.

Add the 9-7/8 Stainless Steel Beer Filtration Unit to transform your filter into a randall!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Helen King
Tastes like hose water

I should have read the other reviews. I ran a few gallons of sanitizer through the step before filtering 5 gallons of a 10 gallon batch. The whole thing tasted like hose water. I had to throw it out. The other half that I didnít filter tasted great. I have been repeatedly soaking the filter housing with fresh and after a week, the hose smell is finally gone so maybe I will try it again...

Ryan Kelly
Does the job; included filter ruins beer

Echoing the other reviews. It does work as a filter, but the included filter media has made the whole batch taste like plastic. Should definitely find another model of filter.

Timothy Adams
Solid Housing, Suspect Cartridge

Have to agree with previous reviewer. The filter housing is sturdy and simple, no leaks. But my beer came out with a nasty cleaning-solution taste. (I had soaked the cartridge in Star-San and then rinsed with water.) I can't entrust another batch to this cartridge. Anyone know of a good alternative cartridge?

Scott Slauson
Good and bad

The parts and filter body are sturdy and not cheaply made. However do not use the filter that comes with it. I ran tap water through the system for 15 minutes and then soaked the filter in starsan for an hour to let it soak in. The filter smelled less chemically but still had an odor. Filtered a batch of heavily dry hopped IPA that tasted great prior to filtering. The IPA came out crystal clear but it had a huge after taste like I had just taken a bite out of the poly filter itself. Dumped the whole batch.

Steve S.
Good piece of Kit

Very ez to set up and use. Really reduces haze.

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