Beer and Wine Making Heat Pad

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Fermenter / Carboy Heat Pad for Beer and Wine Making

This heat pad for your fermenters and carboys is the ideal solution for cold fermenting and brewing problems. This unit provides ideal temperature for year round brewing, fermenting, and wine making in cold conditions. Convenient and easy to use, simply place on a flat surface, put your fermenter or carboy on it and plug it in.

Supplies constant, steady convection heat (25 watts, 110v) without creating any hot spots, while being very inexpensive to run.
Can also be used for hydroponics, plant and seed raising, as a warmer in your pet's bed, or even a foot warmer
  • 11" Square
  • 6' Length Power Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Duane Brown
Works as described

I ferment in a 10 gallon plastic container. I am trying to maintain a 70∞ F temp. I taped this heat pad to the side of my fermentation vessel and wrapped a moving blanket around it. I'm using the ink bird controller with it. I can tell you in colder ambient temps, this 25W heat pad isn't quite enough so, I'm going to purchase 1 or 2 more so that when the ambient temps are below 50∞F I can maintain my set point. This isn't just a simple hobby. One must now the amount of energy it takes to heat a certain volume of liquid. Different liquids have different thermal properties ie: thermal resistance and thermal capacitance. Of course when you have a constant changing ambient temp that is major factor which must be taken into account.

Ken Capponi
Little light on heat

Works fine, but 25w is not enough to heat a 5 gal carboy. My basement in winter is too cold for fermentation, about 59 deg. The carboy I am using this on only gets to 60 deg with this mat on full time. Probably not meant for this low ambient.

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