Ball lock Post (Stainless Steel) - Liquid - for sanke coupler

Item Number: 73-4377

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Connect a ball lock liquid disconnect to a Sanke Coupler or shank
*Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nate D
Works well with care

Despite the negative reviews, I still gave this and Item # 73-4376 try. It does actually work well, as long as it is used with care. First of all, do not leave this tightened down on your sanke coupler while it is not being used, that wears out the rubber O-Ring quickly. Second, the rubber O-Rings wear out quickly in general. Thankfully, they are nothing more than a standard beer washer and you can replace them with Item # 40-1914A very easily. They are not glued in or anything, just pull it out and put in the new washer. As long as you replace the washer frequently it does a really good job! If you are going to leave it connected to a keg in your kegerator for months, I would recommend putting Teflon Tape on the thread as well.

Works great, but...

I bought these, against the negative review. However, given I'm already into kegging, I had a few of the thicker orange rubber seals to put on them instead of the standard black. With that modification, the seal was tight and they worked like a charm! They are of quality manufacturing, and the factory fault is only in the stock shank seal, which I could see myself was a problem. Don't hesitate to buy these.

Buster Brown
Multiple Failures

This post has a very weak/flimsy o-ring which can fail to seal the connection between the coupler and the post, causing a leak. Also, the poppet can collapse or get stuck in an open position, causing a liquid shower/sprinkler if the keg is under pressure. I have ceased use of this product.

Jonathan Ritchie
Poorly machined

I bought a set of these posts, one of them was an extremely tight fit and the other one leaked. Looking at it closely you could see that the machining was such that there was still evidence of the casting meaning the post was always likely to leak. Poor quality fitting, would not recommend.

Jonathan Giglio
Works as described

These work fine. Only issue I had was over tightening. If you put them on snugly the seals from the post will push into the sanke causing leaks when you tap your keg both gas and liquid. Only hand tighten and still take it easy.

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