AIH Black F-Rye-Day PA Recipe Kit

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Extract Kit
AIH Black F-Rye-Day PA Recipe Kit

Back by Popular Demand! Black Rye IPA. Big citrus notes, spicy rye, and plenty of crystal malts, this IPA covers it all.

Yield : 5 Gallons
Original Gravity : 1.052
Final Gravity : 1.015
Color / SRM : 30
Alcohol by Volume : 5.50%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate) : 50

Specialty Grains : Rye, Crystal 80L, Carafa I, Carafa III
Hops : Simcoe, Cascade

Recipe Includes : Liquid Malt, Specialty Grains in a grain bag & Hops
View The AIH Black F-Rye-Day PA Recipe Kit Instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Wayne Smith (wizararola)
Black F-Rye Day and Marshall Amps

This is one of those “If” “Then”s in that If you like IPAs with body and taste, Then give this consideration. Allow an off the keg comparison here. I’ve a liking for music of many sorts, from Frank Sinatra to the original “long hair” symphonic works. There is also enjoyment with high energy “saw tooth” sonics like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, ELP, many more BUT I also like hearing this, particularly live, at a listenable level. I possess an old Sears Sivertone tube amp that is an “Instant Marshall” at 35 watts. Marshall’s are legendary rock amps and are VERY loud (Jimi Hendrix among innumerable others use/used them). The Sivertone produces all the distortion needed at low volumes, especially in a smaller venue and I can still hear after several decades.

A term I was exposed to at AIH is “The IPA Wars” where the alcohol content approaches or surpasses that of wines. My preference holds for brews one may consume and still function. To wit, I like to meet the floor on my own terms. The high gravity recipes may have a lot of flavor and punch but it is like having a vehicle with a lot of horsepower in that where can you find a place to use it all. A couple of glasses of the high power stuff makes me pretty useless to the point I start sounding like a politician…

So, looking for that which grabs your mouth with a nice finish, has that hopiness some of us like (well why would anyone be seeking an IPA anyway) with a nice appeal to the nose and is drinkable over a “session” then take a look at this one. And, for what it’s worth, this concoction is nice to look at too…


david privett

The beer is still pretty young (1 week in bottle), but it is full of body and a good hop level and a clean aftertaste. I think that makes it a keeper.

Gregg L.
Great Beer Kit

This beer turned out great. Nice jet black color - I know the picture on the site shows it more brownish/red - but be assured it will turn out nice and black. I was surprised how much chocolate, nutty malt flavor comes through, while still being a hoppy beer. I'm not a hop head so this is a perfect summer/early fall beer for me - hoppy (but not aggressively so), light bodies but with a noticeable malty backbone.

William C Micol
Black Beauty!

I have to admit, the sale price is what led me to picking this extract kit. I'm glad I did! Just tasted it after brewing it 3 weeks ago. I wasn't expecting such a creamy head and smooth taste. Very delicious! I used Safale 05

Greg Trump
Still a favorite

While this is 1 of my favorite brews, it has been scaled back over the years. It use to have 7.5 lbs of LME now it's 6 lb., which has to effect the body & O.G. some. But I still enjoy it enough to keep buying it.

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