Adapter to Connect Faucet to Quick Disconnect

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Fits threaded ball lock or pin lock disconnect
Chrome Plated Brass Adaptor to Connect
Faucet & Quick Disconnect

* Faucet Coupling Nut required, Order seperately
* Does not work with Perlick faucets and other forward sealing faucets

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Customer Reviews

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Paul C.
Works great, especially for the price, but a couple of minor nits

When I saw this, I liked the thought of using an actual pull faucet vs a picnic tap for when I travel with my kegs. The price of this adapter and associated collar enticed me to give it a try. I have only used it once so far and it worked well, but I do have a couple of nits. The first is that it is a little difficult to get the faucet tight and aligned with the disconnect. The adapter is smooth on the section that inserts into the faucet so it doesn't "lock" via the star pattern (not sure what it is called) the same way faucets mount into faucet shanks. So as you try to tighten the collar, things spin around a bit and it took me a few tries to not have the faucet cocked sideways. If the manufacturer were to put some flats on two sides of the adapter so you could get a wrench on it, it would help. Also, the collar seems a little thin and does not spin freely on the adapter, which may be a combination of the collar, the adapter and the chrome plating, but it worked well enough. Once I got it all together, it worked just fine with no leaks and I will be using it again. It was even sturdier than I was expecting. However, a word of caution. Unlike a picnic tap that stays closed with a spring-loaded valve and is usually out of the way, with this setup the faucet handle can get bumped and you can have beer flowing when you aren't expecting it.

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