630SS Perlick growler filler

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Fill your growlers, jug or bottles cleanly and quickly from your Perlick 630SS (also fits the 650SS Flow Control, and 690SS Creamer) tap. Double o-ring design insures a clean and secure fit. Fills from the bottom to reduce foam and CO2 loss. We recommend using a small amount of Keg Lube to more easily insert and detach fitting.

We recommend using Keg Lube or Petro Gel on the o-rings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Too tight

Doesn't fit in my Perlick 630SS faucets. O-rings are too big, and I had to really reef on it to get one of the two o-rings to enter the faucet, even with lubricant. The faucet shaved off part of the o-ring so it doesn't seal well. Very disappointed. Would have sent them back, but have had less than positive experiences with customer service lately on two larger orders. AIH Note: Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with your product or shipment. Thank you!

Jake Kivela
Perlick Growler Filler

This works great for filling bottles from my keg, minimal foam.

Michael Fodale
Works great!

Just tried this for the first time. Works great! I used a bit of keg lube and easily inserted the filler into my Perlick tap. Grabbed a growler and filled it up... Just a bit of foam at the top, I capped it and called it good!

Works with 650SS

Works well with my 650SS Perlicks. Put a little lube on the o-rings and it'll go in your taps without tearing up anything. I don't have to adjust the flow control to use these, but that might just be my setup.

Works Great

I brew with a couple of friends and now that we are kegging it is harder to share with the group. This growler filler worked perfectly to help with that. Make sure to use keg lube on the O-rings.

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