6.5 Gallon Glass Carboy

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6.5 Gallon Glass Carboy

This carboy works great for primary fermentation of 5 gallon batches of beer or wine. The carboy is completely nonporous, making it easy to clean and sanitize. Glass fermenters are preferred to plastic because the plastic is easily scratched and can harbor bacteria that is difficult to remove.

Dimensions: Approximately 22.75” H X 12” W

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Customer Reviews

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Great Quality

Great quality, delivered quickly and very well packed and protected.

Amber Harrison
Emergency water storage

I purchased 2 of these glass 6.5 gallon carboys for my emergency water storage. My father (water treatment plant superintendent for 25 years) told me this is the safest way to store water indefinitely. Both jugs arrived on time, in excellent shape, and I had them washed and filled within the hour. If using for water storage, please wash out thoroughly and purchase a rubber bung. Corks and plastic can be faulty with water storage. Iíll definitely be back for more of these!

6.5 gallon glass carboy

Well so far so good. I ordered two. I rack my first 6.2 gallons of chocolate stout tomorrow for its secondary ferment and for clarifying before bottling. Big step up from the 5 gallon food grade buckets I have been using for a year. I like seeing the activity and the color before popping the airlock off. This should really benefit the quality of my brews whether it's beer, cyser, or my yearly mead. Thanks guys!

Joel Thompson
Nice Carboy

Can easily do 5 or 5.5 gallon primary fermentation with plenty of room for foam, or up to 6.5 gallons as secondary. Much easier to move around with the handle. A 6.5 stopper for the airlock works perfect.

kenny gray
Very nice Carboy

Works great for beer or wine!

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