Acid Carboy Cap - 6.5 gallon acid carboys

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Fits 6.5 gallon glass acid carboys. Put a racking tube through the center spout, fit the cap over the mouth of the full carboy, then blow hard into the second spout to prime a siphon.

Acid Carboy Cap for use on older style 6.5 gallon acid carboys with the threaded tops.

This Cap is too small for our current 6.5 Gallon Carboy with a standard neck. See our Standard Carboy Cap for that carboy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve Tordoff
Great fit

These fit my 6.5 gallon glass carbon perfectly.

David T Bradt

Allows for the use of a thermometer, it can also function to prevent "back-pressure" when filling, if you want to have the cap on before adding your malt. Made from silicone so it holds up well, due to repeated stretching it may be prone to tearing, although there's no signs of that after 1 use.

Charles Seemann
Makes It Easy

I like these a lot better than the corks.

Alex Gonzales
Works on 1000ml erlenmeyer flask

Works on a 1000ml Erlenmeyer flask as well. Perfect for a yeast starter. No more rubber stops that may slip or not seat properly. I switched from rubber stoppers to carboy caps years ago for my 5 gallon carboys, and have never looked back. I could kick myself for not putting one of these on a flask until very recently.

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