6.5 Gallon Glass Big Mouth Bubbler EVO 2

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6.5 Gallon Big Mouth Bubbler EVO 2

Re-engineered by a team of Polish master glassmaker, the Big Mouth Bubbler EVO 2 is a sturdy, hand-formed glass carboy with an incredible 5.55" wide mouth for instant transfers and easy cleaning. Made of extra-thick glass that prevents oxygen permeation, this great carboy also includes a universal lid. The Big Mouth lets you easily pour cooled wort directly into your carboy, and pitch yeast without it clinging to the sides. It also lets you quickly and easily add and more importantly remove flavoring added to the secondary fermentation process. The redesigned Big Mouth Bubbler also features a taller, narrower body for a cleaner transfer with less wasted liquid, and graduated gallon volume markings for measurements at a glance. The included Universal lid functions just like a larger carboy bung. You will need a Universal Drilled Stopper and Airlock if used for fermentation, add some in the options above. The 6.5 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler is intended for use a primary fermenter, providing the proper head space for a 5 gallon batch. Interested in a smaller size for secondary fermentation, check out the 5 Gallon Big Mouth Bubbler HERE!

Dimensions: Approximately 23” H X 11” W

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steve Sarkozi
Issues with the lid

Lid does not stay on snug. It tends to raise up. I had to tape it down to the carboy for proper fermentation. Would love to see a locking solution.

John Kostick
Big mouth bubbler

I have not used it yet, I intend to begin a lemon wine soon followed quickly by a Strawberry wine...looking forward to many fine bottles 😀!

BioBrewer - Jeremy
Great device - small improvement

Have used the Big Mouth bubblers for years; super easy to clean: two improvements needed: Go back to the original screw-on tops, they seal much better. Make the glass a bit thicker or stronger...I have broke more that I care to admit.

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